Giving Back

The Noh Co wouldn't exist today if it weren't for the inspiration of many people, but three people in particular, whose journeys were - and are - touched by mental health issues, addiction, and a rare, genetic, progressive neurological disease, truly formed the basis of the "why" for our company.

What is our "why" you might ask? To challenge our consumption habits and increase presence in connection through access to enjoyable, alcohol-free and low alcohol craft beers brewed with the benefits of brain- and mood-boosting ingredients.

We are actively in the process of evaluating charities to partner with that help the humans in our community and support our "why" in the realms of mental health, suicide prevention and emotional well-being. 

While we haven't selected a charity - YET! - (forgive us, we are "new"), we will be setting aside 5% of every sale, from our first sale, to donate once we have found the best fit (or fits, as it may be!).

There are hundreds of charities doing amazing work in and around Calgary so if you happen to know of any making a particularly positive impact, we'd love to hear about it. Please email with the subject line "charity". We will send you a thank you note and investigate further!