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Is there alcohol in your beer?

There is, but in VERY low amounts. Our beers range between 0.2%-0.3%, but always below 0.5%, the universally accepted limit for non-alcoholic beverages. To compare, this is the same level of most kombuchas or fruit juices. Yes, even orange juice and real bananas have low amounts of alcohol due to natural fermentation. Fun fact: Some breads have over 1% of alcohol!

Where is it made?

We proudly brew in Calgary, Alberta!

How is it made?

Pretty much like normal craft beer. While most non-alcoholic beers have a single, industrialized dealcoholization step, our process is more similar to true craft beer production. Our process involves monitoring and controlling natural variables including yeast and sugars and we brew fully fermented beer to under 0.5% ABV. In this fashion, we retain the delicate esters and compounds of fermentation and let the ingredients fully express themselves.

We include our adaptogens and nootropics as part of the brewing process.

What’s in it?

Well, we start off with tried-and-true traditional ingredients used in regular beer. You know, barley, water, hops, and yeast. But here’s where it gets interesting. Our beers are brewed with adaptogens and nootropics to give them a little extra somethin’ something’. Check out our “shop” page for more details of what’s in our products.

Do your beers contain gluten?

Our beers contain barley, and therefore cannot be classified as gluten free. However, they are gluten friendly, with our Blonde containing less than 20ppm (parts per million) gluten. We're happy to provide this information so that you can make a decision, based on your individual tolerance, on whether or not to consume Noh.

Will you get intoxicated if you drink too many?

We definitely do not recommend even attempting this, but theoretically, you’d need to drink 8 non-alcoholic beers in under 5 minutes to reach near the same alcohol level as only ONE regular beer.

Because each beer is less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, your body processes the small amount of alcohol so quickly that it’s nearly impossible to reach a considerable level of intoxication, even when drinking large volumes. You’d end up getting sick from drinking so much liquid before the small amount of alcohol would have any impact, so please, HARD PASS on this idea (read again: DO NOT give this a try).

As for our other ingredients, you’d still be below acceptable daily dose allowances even if you drank 24 cans in a day. That’s a whole lotta liquid and you’d probably be too busy running back and forth to the bathroom to enjoy yourself.

Can I drink these before or while driving?

Because of the very low levels of alcohol and the unlikelihood of an adult becoming intoxicated, drinking our beer before driving is safe if you're a designated driver.

We would recommend checking your local laws and regulations before drinking non-alcoholic beer while driving though, and, even if legal, you may still run the risk of being mistakenly pulled over.

Is it safe to drink while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our founder is a mom of three young kiddos, so this topic is near and dear to her heart. The fact is, there’s no identifiably safe level of alcohol intake during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so abstinence from alcoholic and non/low alcoholic beverages is always the safest approach. Although it’s unlikely that moderate intake of non-alcoholic beverages or low alcohol beverages would pose any harm to mama or baby, we ALWAYS advise expectant and breastfeeding mothers to consult their health care professional before making decisions about their diet and beverage choices.

Same goes for our other ingredients. The low amounts should pose no harm but be sure to check with a health care professional and do your own research before consuming.

Can people under legal drinking age drink it?

In most countries, beverages under 0.5% are considered non-alcoholic beverages and don't carry age restrictions but, as we know, provincial laws, territorial laws, and retailer policies vary, so we don’t specifically market to minors. Check with your parents or guardians, kids!