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Once upon a time there was a mom of three young kids, including one with a rare neurological condition, who loved her wine and beer and cocktails… But didn’t love so much some (most) of the side effects of these beverages… 

One day, said mom was researching ingredients (you know, those adaptogens and the nootropic you find in our non-alcoholic craft beers!) to help support her son’s brain development and overall health while simultaneously pondering her alcohol consumption over the past couple of pandemic years, and the proverbial light bulb went off. Further inspired by her cousin’s recent journey to sobriety, and her biological father’s passing due to his addiction issues many moons ago, she wondered “Where is a great tasting non-alcoholic drink that contains some brain and health boosting ingredients”?

A quick Google search later and she confirmed there wasn’t much out there. So… the question then became: why not create her own…?

So much of drinking alcohol is around intention and ritual… and habit. We know when we sit down with friends and have beers, it’s to share a laugh. When we crack a beer on the couch after work, it’s to leave the stresses of the day behind. When we clink glasses at a restaurant, it’s often to honour recent successes or the joy of a reunion or a special occasion.

We here at The Noh Co love the spirit behind these rituals, and we want to ensure everyone is invited to participate in them – both big and small – that punctuate this journey of life, whether they’re consuming alcohol or not.

The choice to not drink, or to drink less, is nuanced, layered, and unique to everyone, but regardless of how we arrived here, we all want to feel fully present and invited to share in the moment. The Noh Co is an invitation to challenge our consumption habits and increase our presence in connection for all the moments that brings richness to our lives.

The Noh Co offers non-alcoholic craft beers and considers flavour as intently as it considers healthful ingredients. Think of it as an apothecary meets craft brewery, where the drinks are delicious but also healthful.

We invite you to tune into the moment.

If you’d like to noh more about us, we’d love to chat, so drop us a note and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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